Work less play more – Eisenhower’s Matrix overview

Work less, play more  (7 techniques for time management)

Or simply – Time management


how to manage your time effectively
how to manage your time effectively

Okay let’s start with the basic habits that all successful (read extremely reach) people have. What is the resource that you and Donald Trump or Will Smith have in equal amount? You got it right, it is the time.

The time itself doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, black or white, old or young. We all have 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. What we need to do to get from point A to point B is proper time management (and focus, but more on this in the next posts).

Read on, in the next few minutes you will understand how to manage your time to be the best version of yourself and be proud of yourself. But, before you continue, promise me something. All I want you to do is to apply these techniques. There is no point if you just read them and do nothing about it.
They say :

“knowledge is power” but what the real power is “applied knowledge”.

So apply or just get back on Facebook.

Techniques #1 – Eisenhower’s Matrix

You may have heard of it. This is one of the things that people call “old but gold”. Dwight D. Eisenhower was born in 1890 and was the 34th president of the United States from 1953 until 1961 (thank you Wikipedia!). He was the first supreme commander of NATO and five-star general during the WWII.

As you can imagine he is a remarkable man. In order to accomplish all of his goals he developed a matrix for taking decisions and defining his schedule.


Eisenhowers matrix overview
Eisenhower’s matrix overview


This coordinate system will is divided on four quadrants. I will explain now how to “read” them.

Quadrant 1  – Do it now…

put there every task which needs immediate attention. These are usually fire (or other disasters), your baby is crying, or any other emergency situation that may occur. Note, that these tasks are interruptive. They break your work and you have to do something else. Naturally emergencies will not occur. Even Tim Ferris is saying in one of his books: “Emergencies don’t get to me. I simply let them happen. It can’t be that bad”. What he does is he delegates these situations to other people. More on delegating a bit later.

Remember: you shouldn’t have anything here. If you have you are not planning well, which is essential.


In quadrant 2 – Plan

Here is the place you want to be. You planned this task and now you are working on it. As I’m writing this I planned to write this in this day for specified amount of time. In this quadrant are all the tasks and activities you can imagine. Fitness, meetings, reading books, even sex.

You have to have a schedule to work with. If you are not the time is just passing away and you may not move even an inch closer towards your goals. It is a decision you have to take. Do you want mediocre lifestyle or having what small amount of people can afford?


In quadrant 3 – Delegate

This is one of my favorite. I love delegating stuff. Especially these which are not super important. You may say that you don’t have anyone to delegate to because you are not having a virtual assistant, employees or house cleaner. I understand, nowadays I don’t have all of these too. Yes I did some online businesses where I delegated some of the work but not everyone is having a business, right?

Here is the trick – you can delegate some of your work to your friends, wife or family. For example, if you are busy and your car needs to go to the mechanics shop. What do you do? There are many tasks that you planned for today:

  • Option A – you can hire someone to drive the car to the shop (check your local pricing and services)
  • Option B  – you can call some of your friends to do this for you. If everyone is busy or you don’t want bother them there is another thing you can do. What I would do if A and B fails, I would simply plan this task for another day, where I have a free time slot and take a taxi during that time. Would it cost me? Yes. Would I finish high value tasks in this time? Hell yeah! Keep you focus on the tasks in which you are having the most impact. These tasks will take you to a better place and then you will let someone else doing the 5$ job.

P.S.: Today is Christmas and a friend of mine just ringed me. He is a great, always positive I can talk with him for hours (if not days), we are doing our vacations together. Guess what? I didn’t picked up. I will talk with him later. Let everybody know if you are having work to do. Finish your work then have some quality time with your friends.

Remember: Delegating is good, but if you are not having someone to delegate to – plan it to another day or time and focus on the important work.


Quadrant 4 –  Drop it like it is hot

Remember the song Snoop dog had ? This pretty much sums it all. If you have a tasks which is not important and not urgent. Guess what. Drop it like is hot (hear the bass). Even if you have someone to delegate this task to – if this tasks has zero value, it is not making you richer or happier, and if it is not helping anyone, then forget this and more forward.


Do it now:

Make a list with the things that needs to be done until the end of the day. And for tomorrow. Make sure that you will have a list with your tasks for tomorrow the day before. I’m doing this 10-15 minutes before going to bed.


Put the most important things first and start the morning with them. If you are ready with them until 10:30AM you will feel more productive and happy throughout the whole day.


What are your time management hacks or processes? Share them in the comments bellow!


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