10 mistakes almost everyone makes when it comes to business … (Part II)

You can see part I – here. Mistake #4 – You rely on that you are going to be the first “Every business model that could be copied, will be copied” You may rely on that you are going to be the first who came up with this idea. This might help you if you are Mark Zuckerberg, but if you are not I have to warn you. There are thousands of people out there with deep pockets, who are looking for

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10 mistakes almost everyone makes (when it comes to business)

You can learn either from your  own mistakes or preferably, from the mistakes of the others Today I was wondering what topic I should write on. While a bit procrastinating the work, now at 22:40 I’m in quite good physical and mental condition, and guess what? Before I choose the best topic, the topic choose me. I saw the following message in one Facebook group that I’m participating:   Nikolay wrote: “Hi there, the application which we are developing is almost ready

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Top 5 myths about starting a business

Before we start I would like to explain what is a business for me “A system which create value, regardless if you working on it or not.” Have you ever wondered what would happen if you run a business? All those employees and clients calling you in the middle of your dinner, asking for something. Or maybe driving your new shiny Porsche 911 motivates you, finding a way through all the inevitable voices questioning in your head “What if I

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Forget the New Year’s Resolutions!

Boost your score with these goal setting techniques You have probably heard “New Year, New Me” quite a lot. Many people tend to do a list with some relevant and some irrelevant wishes and goals, they call New Year Resolution. I used to do this also but now I know that there is a powerful technique providing clear path towards my target. Only 8% of the people are actually achieving their New Year Resolutions. Why is this happening? Well it

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