Forget the New Year’s Resolutions!

Boost your score with these goal setting techniques

Forget the New Year’s Resolutions
Forget the New Year’s Resolutions (like these)

You have probably heard “New Year, New Me” quite a lot. Many people tend to do a list with some relevant and some irrelevant wishes and goals, they call New Year Resolution. I used to do this also but now I know that there is a powerful technique providing clear path towards my target.
Only 8% of the people are actually achieving their New Year Resolutions. Why is this happening? Well it is really simple. In 92% of the times they are not specific, actionable and not measurable. In other words you can’t say if you worked successful today or not, which is the vital part. Also in many cases it is mandatory to wrap a goal over a daily habit, which often is not the case with NYR’s.

So how can I boost my results?

In the next 3 minutes you will understand the mechanics of the successful goal setting

To be honest I don’t believe in long-term planning. Our lives are fulfilled with events many of which we can’t neither influence nor depending on us. Therefore I think it would be best to plan in short term – 3 to 12 months for best results. I’m using now 6 months planning.

  1. Visualize and be very specific

    “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster”

    You won’t just write down something like “I want a car”. This is not how the Universe and the successful people’s mind works. If you have a crappy car, would still fulfil your desire. Or if you are a sports car fan like me and want a BMW or Porsche and get a Ford, this will not make you happier or leave you with an impression that you achieved your goal. You would like to write down not only the make, but also the model and what engine, chassis type even extras and rims type you would like to own. It is not that visualization would bring you the car but your clear mind and goals

2. Make them actionable

If you need a new car or a new house, you may need an additional income.
Let’s say that you need a 30 000$ for the car, but you can now only save 1000$ per month. You may not want to wait another 30 months. A great advise from Stephen Covey was “Start where you are, use what you have”. You can either find a second job and save the money needed from there or start something part-time – SEO business, dropshipping, blogging, youtube channel. You can also learn a new skill and change your job or get a promotion. For example I’m a CCNA Routing & Switching Network engineer and if I certify for the next level – CCNP – my salary would increase somewhere between 30% in the same state and 70% if I decide to move. It is pretty much the same situation if you are an accountant (check the ASSA cert), a manager (see PMI, 6 sigma, ITIL) and I believe it is also the same situations for the most of the job roles. Ask Google if you can develop further for yours. If you can’t then ask yourself if you will still do this job or you would like to pivot to another field.
There are literally infinite amount of opportunities. It is important how bad do you want it.

3. Measure, Measure, Measure

If you are setting goal for a car it is pretty easy, right? If you have the car you wanted – you achieved your goal. But what if you are having another goal – for example “I want to learn playing on a guitar”. Well here is not like you either play or can’t play. One friend of mine wanted to make a list with his goals. He wrote down just the same wish for playing on a guitar. He wanted to play on a guitar in the next 6 months so he decided that he can play every day for 20 minutes. Sounds really good. 20 minutes per day, 30 days per month = 600 minutes per month. These are 10 hours per month. Not much but maybe enough. Here is some vital part missing from the puzzle. If the 6 months are already gone and he exercised every day. Did he accomplished his goal? No one can say. Because the goal is not measurable. Yes you can measure 20 minutes per day, but you can’t say if you were productive during this time or not. In order to make a goal achievable, you will need to put milestones and see if you are on the right way along the path. We can make the goal as “I want to be able playing 18 songs on a guitar for 6 months”. Except that 18 is easier to calculate, this number of songs are a good playlist for every party (or a girl J ). 18 divided by 6 equals 3 songs per month or one every 10 days. Now when he start doing his daily routine he would know that he has a target to accomplish. If he learn slower than expected he would be able to adjust the time needed to accomplish his goal on a daily basis and for the whole period.

4. Focus is everything

“ If you want to have something that you never had

you have got to do something that you have never done”

Yes, you are able to accomplish anything especially if your name is Elan Musk. But even Elan has priorities in his life. Make sure that you will write down your goals on a list. Then put the list in your pocket. I have a friend who had a 400$ salary one year ago (Eastern Europe low-average salary) and put a target on 5000$ per month (8 times above the average state salary!). Does it sound crazy? Yes. Is it achievable? Yes, totally! Well guess what, he did it. I will not go into details who and how did he done it but the important thing to take away from here is that he put a target -> he did a daily routine with the above mentioned metrics -> he achieved his goal. He gave up on television, pointless meetings with random people, irrelevant events, additional work. He was just there claiming his mountain.

Do it now

(8-10 minute needed)
Write the things that you want to accomplish for the next 6 months. Then write what you are going to do on a daily basis for them. Additionally, make sure that you are having milestones along the way that will guide you if you are going into the right direction with the right speed. Now select the 4 most important things from your list and make them happen!


For best results I would recommend you to have your list in your back pocket and look at your “big picture” when you wake up. You will then know if your tasks are resonating with your goals. If your tasks does not –drop them.


Plan up to two mission critical tasks for the day on the day before. If your day is 100% full with priority 1 tasks your willpower, motivation and brain may not want to support you over the long run. Remember it is a marathon not a sprint. So have a good sleep, watch your food and do some sport.


What are your methods of goal setting? Please share in a comment bellow!


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